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Bishnoi Village, Jodhpur
Bishnoi Village Safari,Jodhpur
Bishnoi Village Day Tour
Bishnoi Village tour

Bishnoi Village Safari Jodhpur

Tour Description:

Bishnoi Village Trip : A rural tribal group, are a Hindu sect founded in the Punjab, who follow the teaching of Jambeshwar, a 15th-century sage & religious reformer who left a legacy of 29 (bis noi) tenets. The countryside around Jodhpur is home to many tidy Bishnoi villages & family compounds. These gentle communities of potters, weavers, leather embroiderers & camel herders have achieved world acclaim for their religious conservationist beliefs. They are vegetarians, follow the principles of non-violence, & above all, reverently protect all flora & fauna. They do not allow felling of trees or hunting on their lands. This area is home to the rare blackbuck antelope with remarkable spiral horns. (We saw quite a few of the graceful creatures.) They freely graze, fully aware, it seems, that no one here will harm them. The history & customs of the Bishnoi are legendary. In fact, one infamous incident in 1730 involved the massacre of 363 Bishnois who sacrificed their lives to save their trees. They were felled indiscriminately by the raja’s troops along with the trees they were hugging to protect them. (I can't help but wonder if this is where the term "tree hugger" came from?)

About the activity:

  • The activity can be availed in two slots, morning & evening.
  • Get picked up from your hotel or any desired location and get ready for a fun-filled Bishnoi village safari.
  • Experience a convenient village safari journey with the help of comfortable transportation in a jeep.
  • The Bishnoi is inclusive of all fuel charges that occur during the activity period.
  • In order to enhance your experience, the package also lets you savour on Rajasthani lunch meal along with the provision of mineral water.
  • You shall be accompanied by an experienced and professional guide who would make your journey even more joyous with supportive efforts.
  • You will be visiting places like Shepherds Village, Gudha village to witness the wildlife scenario of the location, Weavers village which is regarded as the land of magic carpets, The Potter's Village, and the Kankani (Block Printers Village).

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